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Our flasgship magazine that gives you unparralled access to all things Tourism is an invaluable resource to everyone. Are you considering plans for the holidays, an opportunity to give your product visibility during different seasons or just plain interest in cultural offerings? subscribe to our magazine here.

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We offer management consultancy services on tourism. This involves providing objective advice, expertise and specialist skills with the aim of creating value, maximizing growth or improving the business performance of our clients and ensuring development.

The services are primarily concerned with the strategy, structure, management and operations of tourist attractions. We can assist by identifying options with recommendations, providing additional resources and/or the implementation of solutions


Tour Packaging

We provide solutions for recreation, leisure and business trips. We help to offer a rich diversity in sight-seeing, adventure and culture. With our wealth of knowledge of tourism and holiday services, we can tailor-make a tour package to suit your specific requirements to any part of the world. We leverage on our strategic alliances and partnerships with other experts to present to you a breath taking experience.

You can also depend on us for all your local tour packages to Abeokuta, Jos, Calabar etc.



In order to create awareness on existing tourist attractions, promote budding tourists attractions, our magazine has exciting information on various Tourists’ destinations in Africa, art, crafts and cultural heritage of the featured countries.

Various aspects of Tourism such as Rural Tourism, Cruise Tourism, Adventure and Adventure Sports, Medical Tourism, Spiritual Tourism, Golf Tourism, Cuisine Tourism, Fashion Tourism, Industry Tourism, are some of the features in the magazine.

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